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Aiding Victims of Hurricane Sandy

Selfless and obediant to God’s calling, approximately 1/3 of The Revolutions congregation uprooted themselves at a time which is reserved for family and headed north. December 26th, the team parted from their warm homes and families embrace to head north into the bone chilling cold and uncertainty. God doing what he always does, took these moments and used it for His own glory. Below are some of those moments captured on film.

Heading North to Support Those In Need…

Due to the circumstances surrounding Hurricane Sandy, we feel we are being led to postpone our mission trip to the Philippines, and focus on helping our fellow citizens in need in the New York / New Jersey area. As of right now, the plan is to leave the day after Christmas and return the 1st of January.

Please start praying and watch how God works in and around The Revolution as we help others in need during this holiday season. More information will follow as the time gets closer. Feel free to contact any of the leadership team, or comment on this post for updates.

The Terry Durham Project Starts 10/20/12


As you all know, God has been keeping his watchful eye over the doctors who have replaced both of Terry’s lungs and also over his healing process. The begining stages of transforming Terry’s house to make it suitable for his new lungs is well underway.

This Saturday starts the demo process. Come on out and take out some of this weeks fustrations.

204 Korat Lane, Clayton , NC

Revolution Bowling & Belly Flop Contest

More summer activities are on tap for The Revolution. July 25th we have bowling scheduled (parents can come too), followed by a belly flop contest at the pastors house! Who says church can’t be fun?!?

Terry Durham Block Party & Fund Raiser – 07/29/12

On of our own, Terry Durham is in a bad way. He has recently been diagnosed with a rare disease that will ultimately result in a double lung transplant. As you can imagine, the medical bills will be astronomical. What’s more, his home will need a complete make-over and sterilization to help eliminate any potential outside complications during the recovery process.

Through the years Terry has selflessly served God by serving others. Its time for us to reciprocate those actions. With that being said, The Revolution has teamed up with Freedom Biker Church and Ray Price Harley Davidson to raise money for Terry. Come on out and show your support!

Kids Night At The Revolution

The Revolution is kicking things off right for the summer! Pizza, crafts and water games… What else could a kid want? Come on out and make a few new friends. Oh, and bring your parents out too!

Calling All Volunteers – 05/19/12

Revolutionaries, we need about 5 people to commit to helping us this Saturday. We are going to meet Bill Morris @10am in the KFC parking lot in Garner at the hwy 70/401 split. We are going to help Bill with clean up at a camp he has been working with, and then drive back to where we had our cookout a few weeks ago and hike back in the woods to see where they have moved their camp. Re-connect, and find out any new needs they may have and then come up with a plan on how to meet those needs.